About Doughlicious Donuts in Locust Grove, VA

Doughlicious is a family-friendly, neighborhood business.  We make every day special for those we serve on a daily basis.  We serve the very best in donuts, danish, cakes and various baked goods from our bakery.  We also serve the very best in espresso-based drinks, coffee, donuts, baked goods and lunch sandwiches from our café.

About the Owner, Greg

Greg Engel, founder and owner of Doughlicious has a passion for serving people.  He grew up in a family-owned bakery business in Trenton, NJ.  Making things fresh every day is the norm, not a novelty.  Our customers deserve the very best and will get it, no question.  Doughlicious has brought back the family tradition of going to the local bakery and café.  The employees know you personally and know your favorite treats.  Come, let us make your day special.

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